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dirty talk

One of the greatest hurdles to talking dirty is mental confusion. You may ask yourself “What does my partner desire” or perhaps you ask yourself “Should I Know How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend?” and then you might need to know what is going too far, and what isn’t going far enough? How do you even know that he will like your naughty vixen at all? If he’s dropped hints or talked dirty to you in bed, you’ve got a hint that he wants you to get a little raunchier. But for the initiate who isn’t sure where to go from here, the complete idea of dirty talk can be intimidating.

Start out slowly – flirt! Show your lover how much you want to be with him. Slip a sexy message into his briefcase or deposit a post-it on the dashboard of the car. Make it short and sweet – “I loved the things you did to me last evening” – and let his imagination run wild. Mail him an email at some time during the day, telling him something a little different, a little flirty, but not over-the-top: “I love the way your kisses feel on my lips.”

He’s likely going to drop a line back, or for some reason pursue you to talk more, and you should!  Don’t hesitate to get a bit steamier. “I love the way you sound when you do that thing that you do,” is a good line that will make him ponder: How do I sound? And what thing, exactly? It will get him thinking about the last time the two of you made love, and that’s exactly what you want him to do. You want him thinking about sex with you, because the more he thinks about  it, the more he’s going to want a repeat performance.

When you are in bed, test your dirty talk wings by testing out anything other than words. Talk to him in sighs, moans and groans. Present to him what you need by your breathing, and permit your body to be your guide – take his hand and display to him exactly where you want to be touched, and how. Even if you’ve had sex 1000 times, having such an outright display of desire will make it seem like a completely new game.

When the sighs and moans have gotten your point across, start speaking about his body – and yours! Caress his shoulders while you tell him how solid and powerful he feels. Tell him how small you feel when you’re side by side to him. Do that one trivial thing that makes him breathless, search him right in the eye, and ask, “How much do you like that, big boy? Do you want more?”

Having him talk to you will lead you to the kind of dirty talk he desires to hear. If he gets raunchy and makes you flush, don’t cringe into saying nothing – counter his naughty words with sexy phrases of your own. Develop the tension until you’re saying things that you would never, ever articulate in the light of day. If he backs off a bit, you might have floored him, so go back to the words you recognize he likes to hear.

But on the other hand, if he responds favourably to your hard-core dirty talking the sky’s the limit!